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In 2018, more or less by chance (but I like to think it was ‘meant to be’ – and you’ll probably come to see why I think that), I came across a new approach to well just living, which pretty much rocked my world.

It’s sometimes called the Three Principles, or the Inside-Out Understanding, but really it doesn’t matter what it’s called and indeed it has had many names!

In a nutshell, it explains how we work and how life works in a way that resonated and continues to resonate with me more than any other explanations I’d come across before.

And, the words really don’t matter. I know it’s true because it feels true for me and I can see it unfolding day by day, in me and in everyone and everything I see.

I had been looking for some answers to something, stumbled across these principles, learned about a man called Sydney Banks, and I had an insight – and then a few more.

At first I understood it on an intellectual level. It wasn’t until later that I really felt it. This was after I’d read, watched and listened to the blogs, videos and podcasts of Michael Neill and Amy Johnson.

If I were to sum it all up, I would say this:

“We’ve been brought up to think that we view life through a camera. But really, it’s a projector”.


That is to say, what we experience in life we do so through our own thinking, and nothing else. There is no way to experience anything without thinking about it.

And when you consider it, how else could it work?

This is the opposite of what we’ve been lead to believe; that other people, situations and circumstances just look the way they look.

If you think about it, that can’t be true – different situations morph and shift in terms of how they look all the time. And nobody sees the same picture quite the same way. 

Or, to quote one of the leading thinkers in this understanding of life, psychology, performance and well, just living….

“We live in the feeling of our thoughts, not the feeling of our circumstances” (Michael Neill).

Three Principles

Here’s an example. Why do some perfectly capable, competent people have feelings of ‘impostor syndrome’ at work, while others do not?

What is it that creates that feeling of being an impostor? Is it anything to do with the person or their situation, or is it whatever thinking is arising about whatever scenario they are in, taken as truth?

Why would two people be in the same scenario or situation, but have a different experience?

Another example. Think back to the last time you felt angry. Do you feel angry now?

If you do, is it because the situation you were in is happening again right now, to you, in this moment?

Or could it be due to the thoughts you are having, right now, that are recreating that experience for you?

If you’re not feeling angry….then it’s because you aren’t having angry thoughts…and so nothing is there to translate into the feeling of anger.

Same goes for any other emotion you could care to think of.

Could it really be this simple?

The amazing news is it is, at least for me.

It’s just nobody ever told us!

Your experience of life is an inside job. It doesn’t come from the outside world and its situations and circumstances, but from inside, from within.

And we live and experience life from moment to moment – life is just a series of moments after all.

And here’s even better news…

Those moments are always shifting, and all thought is transient and impersonal. You are *not* your thoughts.

When you truly see this for yourself, you take it all a lot less seriously, and this frees you up massively in life to create, experience and just enjoy life!

Your default state is peaceful, wise, capable and full of clear, fresh insights.

It’s only ever your thinking and ‘being in your head’ that can convince you otherwise (spoiler – we all get stuck at times, that’s just how it works!).

But when we see more and more deeply how taking our hands off the wheel and letting the ship right itself inevitably leads to feeling good again, we are less likely to take the wheel and try to manage and control our experience (which often leads to frustration, and much more).

When we’re not frustrated or wishing life was a different way, we automatically fall into the present a lot more, and from there, everything opens up.

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