“You’re never more than one thought away from a new experience.”

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“Anton has such a wonderful calm and comforting manner and approach. His simple uncomplicated suggestions were profound and I found myself feeling suddenly much lighter about my upcoming situation”.

What if you already had everything inside you to feel peaceful and to effortlessly pursue whatever you wanted to achieve in life?

And what if the only thing preventing you from seeing this, was a thought?

What if you didn’t need to do what the world has taught you to do, which is to ‘work on yourself’ and adopt new tools and tactics to change your thoughts and feelings, your experience and your psychology?

transformative coaching

The traditional model of coaching and ‘figuring stuff out’ teaches tools and techniques, sets goals and seeks to map out a plan to follow and check in on.

There is nothing wrong with this approach as such, but it comes from the perspective of striving to overcome, commit, and make yourself ‘be better.”

Is following an action plan really where it’s at, or is there a deeper force that can guide us towards experiencing a transformative change, if we just let it?

Does ‘figuring it out’ and coming up with a plan to commit to take you closer to realising who you are or what you can really do, or does it mainly just take you further into thought and analysis and give you another set of checklists to adhere to?

What if you are already ‘good’, just as you are, and there is nothing you need to do to become more of who you already are?

Clear Fresh Insights

Seeing vs (More) Doing

What if it is really about seeing something (that you are always ok, capable, and wise), rather than doing something?

This doesn’t mean ‘do nothing’. It just means that with less on your mind, you can do and experience and enjoy so much more.

Exploring this further…

We have two ‘modes’, if you like: one where our inner Wisdom is alive and kicking, where we are feeling good and everything seems to just ‘flow’.

Another mode is where we feel stuck, caught up in our thoughts and where our world starts to ‘feel small’. This is when our personal thinking has taken over and it feels like we are in a rut.

But there is good news! And that is that our personal thinking is always only temporary. At some level we get that, but it’s easy to forget.

If we can see and experience that the clouds can and will clear, that we are wise, healthy and capable at our core, things starts to flow for us again.

skies will clear

And when this happens, we see more clearly. We are in tune with our deeper wisdom and we have fresh insights that allow us to know what steps to take, instinctively.

We start to move forward with greater ease, confidence and contentment. Everything starts to flow and we start enjoying life, instead of trying to ‘uplevel’ ourselves all the time!

Does this sound good?

On this site you’ll learn how the mind works, how we really work, and how knowing all of this can make your life, work, and relationships so much easier!

You can read more about me and how I came across this understanding, and explore some additional content on the blog.

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“In every area of life everyone is capable of seeing from a higher perspective than they do now.
You are never stuck. You’re simply limited by the level you are seeing from.”

-Sydney Banks