Coaching & Mentoring

I help see and feel what’s already inside them – peace, joy, confidence, contentment..

I have coaching conversations with people in a range of areas as varied as OCD and anxiety, business and relationships, social phobias and fears.

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Having seen what I’ve seen and continue to see, I feel I can help guide you to whatever result or experience you are looking for.

And it’s almost certainly quite different to what you’ve heard before.

There will be no goals, checklists, tools or stuff to remember, practice, etc – does anyone ever stick with all of that anyway?

You have everything inside you already, and you just need to see this. You have inner wisdom and innate well-being – you just might have lost sight of it. That’s where I can help.

I can help you to see and feel it again.

There is nothing you need to do, or at least not before you see something new. That’s when you’ll know what to do (if anything).

Our moment to moment thinking can lead us to believe in all sorts of limitations, but insights into how we all work can and do dissolve all of these limitations and “what-ifs”.

These insights can work wonders when it comes to your confidence, self-esteem, and just seeing how much you can really do in life!

This is about seeing something new, rather than (only) doing something new, or trying to ‘overcome’ who you think you are.

So if you’d like to have a conversation about coaching and exploring all of this together, you can drop me a line!

The first step is to drop me a message.

Take that first step today – you deserve it.

From Jess, after our coaching session:

“I had a coaching session via video meeting with Anton on Friday. We discussed a couple of issues that had been bothering me for some years around social situations and travelling with my anxiety.

I had been procrastinating for sometime over a holiday that I had coming up with my family and was experiencing a lot of fear and anxiety about travelling and leaving my responsibilities in someone else’s hands.

Anton has such a wonderful calm and comforting manner and approach. His simple uncomplicated suggestions were profound and I found myself feeling suddenly much lighter about my upcoming situation.