How Do You Stop A Spinning Top?

When a spinning top is spinning on the counter top, what are all the things you do to it to make it stop spinning?

Any ideas? 🙂

Seems like a funny question but I’m going to guess you just leave it alone until it comes to rest…right?

Anxiety and frantic thinking and worrying – or any emotional distress – are no different to spinning tops. But for some reason, we feel we have to get involved and try to do loads of stuff to make it calm down!

This is surely normal, and it’s a good sign that we want to get back to that feeling of balance, calm, peace and contentment.

But, what if doing more and looking to strategies and techniques is not the answer after all, and only makes the top spin faster? What if leaving it be is a much better approach?

Today, see how it calms by itself, when you stay out of the picture and let it come to rest.