How Life Really Works?

What if everything you thought you knew about how your experience of life is created turned out to be the opposite of how it really works?

We think we know how it works, we’ve taken it for granted our whole lives – or at least since we went from toddler to more grown-up kid and beyond. We believe our circumstances and life situation determines how we feel.

If we are “doing well” in life we are bound to feel good most of the time, but if things aren’t going so great, or if there are major bumps in the road, then that explains why we don’t feel so good.

But how many people who on the surface, seem to have it all, but are quite the opposite of happy and contented? We all know about film stars and musicians who seem to be struggle despite millions in the bank and a mansion or two to relax in.

And what about those who seem to have very little – in far flung lands or on our own doorstep – who make the best of everything and seem to have a smile on their face most of the time?

Even in our own lives, we can feel good a lot of the time, and not so great or even find ourselves in a low mood on a regular basis – even when our circumstances haven’t changed.

Could there be something more at play here? What if our feelings are not telling us anything about our life, but are just a reflection of whatever energy, thought, feeling happens to be passing through?

What if we are only ever feeling moment to moment thinking / feeling – just energy passing through?

So circumstances don’t create how we feel, and it’s only ever moment to moment, fleeting thoughts and feelings, what could this mean for us, and how we experience – and enjoy – life?

If how we feel isn’t a result of our circumstances, and our life is much, much bigger than our “life situation”, then we can feel a freedom that transcends any circumstance we find ourselves in.

It also means we take our moment to moment feelings less seriously. Those feelings are like a universal energy – we all feel so many similar feelings.


When we truly see that nothing can truly make us feel anything, and that experience is being generated from within, as a formless energy that is already in motion and changing as we feel it, we stop believing that the world is against us or that guy who cut us off in traffic is responsible for how we are feeling.

We see we don’t need to manage, control or copy with our feelings when they aren’t ours to begin with.

If our partner isn’t actually making us feel angry, we find it easier to let go of an angry feeling, and an argument simply doesn’t happen (nothing wrong with robust debate though!).

If our boss or our job can’t stress us out, and stress is really energy passing through (if we let it), we can feel that freedom that lets us step back, deal with whatever needs to be dealt with, knowing that those feelings will pass and that if we need to make a change, we do it knowing because we want to, not because we have to.

Innate Health and Well-Being

What’s more, we all have peace, contentment and well-being as our default state – just look at a baby or a toddler, and how quickly they return to giggling and toddling about once momentary discontentment passes?

We have the same clarity and peace as our default, our birthright, our “home base”. We know we are “off base” when we feel tightness, pressure, unease – this is like putting our hand on a hot stove. It’s a sign that we have wandered down a track that is not where we belong, and that anxiety, stress, or whatever uncomfortable feeling we are feeling is a sign that we have temporarily lost our way.

The great news is – we don’t need to do anything to get back to that peaceful feeling. Like a snow globe that calms all by itself, or muddy water that clears without our involvement, we return to feeling good – even when our circumstances have not changed (and even when they have).

We are much bigger than our momentary experience. We are freedom, we are peace, we are joy – even when it feels like we aren’t.

What could this mean for you and your life?

To sum up:

  1. How you feel right now is a result of the energy, thoughts and feelings passing through you – not your life situation. And don’t get hung up on those words, they are just concepts and labels. It’s all the one thing really, isn’t it?
  2. This gives us the freedom to live our lives, and work, play and enjoy life, without trying to “do the right things” to control our experience.
  3. Best of all, we are peace and joy – we don’t just experience it from time to time. We’re the place where experience happens, and we are free to let it come and go. We are free to enjoy the ride, even when it’s bumpy.

Let me know how this resonates with you. I’d love to hear from you!