Why ‘Not Knowing’ Can Really Help You

When we learn and see something new, we can have an a-ha moment, an insight – a lightbulb goes on and stays on.

We feel the impact of a new understanding and it can transform or at least greatly enhance our lives.

no need to know

That is what I’d call ‘Stage 1’ of a new insight. Stage 2 can look a bit like ‘settling in to the insight’ and feeling like we’ve got it figured out – mostly anyway.

This can take the form of maybe seeing a blog post or something on social media and having the feeling of “oh yeah I know that“.

It’s not that we think we know it all (or at least hopefully not), but more that we settle into the feeling of knowing, comfortable that our lives have been changed and that we are in ‘transformed mode’, perhaps.

This is fine, until we feel it isn’t. When we feel like we ‘get it’, we can get down or disappointed for a while when we don’t want to feel how we feel.

In the case of the inside out understanding, when we truly get that our feelings come from our thoughts and that we live in the feeling of our thinking, we also get that feeling happy and content is an inside job.

However, this doesn’t mean that we won’t have days when we get caught in a thought-storm or when the clouds roll in a little, and we start questioning and asking “why“!

Why do I forget and sometimes feel my thinking, when I know better?

This is where letting yourself ‘not know’ can help, even if you get this understanding at its core.

You don’t need all the answers, or even any of them right now!

Who said that you need to have all the answers, or that knowing how we work means we have it sussed and that we shouldn’t feel a certain way just because we have this new-found insight?

If you can say instead: “Ok, yes I’ve seen something, but I am still open to the fact that I don’t know.

I don’t (and probably can’t, due to how we are designed) know everything about how we work and how the universe is funneling experience through me”.

Note however, that this is not the same as being ok with how you feel. It’s ok to not be ok with that.

This is something different – it’s simply just ‘not knowing’. Nothing more and nothing less, but it’s the feeling that comes with this that can make the difference.

Here’s the beauty of it: it means you really don’t have to do anything.

If you didn’t know how to fly a plane, would you just not fly it and let someone else take care of it, or would you dive headfirst into an instructional manual to start learning how?

I’m going to hang out in not knowing and just feel how I feel. It’s temporary anyway, and we can trust that whoever or whatever created the universe designed us just as perfectly.

Not resisting (because there is never any need to), and not knowing.

Because there is no need to know, is there? At least not right now. And because everything is always changing, this will probably look different again pretty soon.

How does it feel, resting in not knowing?