What If You Didn’t Take the Wheel?

What if there was a force guiding all human beings, if they would just let it? What if there was nothing you needed to do or ‘control’, to flow through life?

I answered a question on a forum from someone who was feeling anxious and depressed, in their own words.

They were questioning why they were feeling the way they do, what they could do about it (because their therapists were hit and miss), and how they could ‘control’ their feelings more.

I answered like this:

What if you were like a ship that sails across the oceans continually, on autopilot? There is no captain because the ship can navigate and glide through the seas all by itself, through calm and stormy waters.

It needs no captain, crew, or manual steering, as it has its own GPS.

You are like this ship. You can receive insights and know what to do instinctively, when your mind quietens and is allowed to bring its creative, calming nature to bear on your life.

Where we get into trouble is when we hit stormy, choppy, turbulent waters and we try to take the wheel.

It’s when we say “ok, I need to manage and control this, I need to go and see what’s broken with me so I can identify what to fix” – that’s when our thoughts start to spiral and we start to feel our thinking that we need to do something.

But, no. You are already whole, complete and fine as you are. If you just let the ship guide you, and see (really see), that you don’t need to take the wheel to change how you feel.

If you let things flow and float, even for a little while, your mind will start to quiet as it always does, and your own, in-built GPS will show you the way.

It doesn’t mean we won’t have tough times, as life is a contact sport and you’re gonna get your knocks (as Syd Banks said!). But, we’ll navigate them with greater ease, knowing that our internal wisdom is always there to steer us through.

The storm will pass, and the answers will come, in the space between those choppy waves.