It’s Not What You’re Thinking…

I was watching a video response from Dr. Amy Johnson to someone asking about thinking certain thoughts they don’t like.

These are not welcome thoughts, and the feeling that goes with them is naturally unwelcome too. They are wondering about what to do with them.

While watching this video, I realised how you can listen to something and hear everything, but one insight comes to you as if by magic.

You didn’t choose that insight (you never do of course!), and neither did you choose to focus on one particular part of what you were taking in.

The insight just lands; it just comes to you.

For me, this time it was:

“It’s not what you’re thinking, it’s that your thinking”.

That is to say, the content doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter and it’s certainly not personal to you. It’s not your thinking, it’s just….thinking! It’s moving through you and soon it will fritter and fade away.

This is just like the waves and the sea. Do you stand at the shore picking out particular waves, analysing their behaviour and asking why they move the way they do, or do you just get that it’s all waves, doing what waves do?

This is something we can and do forget, but videos like this bring it back home again.

There is nothing to do with these type of thoughts and feelings, no more than there is anything to do (or anything we can do) about the waves crashing on the shore.

You can apply this to anything really too. ‘Impostor syndrome’? What if the thoughts and feelings that came with this collection of thoughts (as opposed to a ‘syndrome’), were just a collection of thoughts we didn’t actually have to do anything about?

What about social anxiety, binge eating, fear of public speaking, meetings with your boss, or anything else?

What if you really didn’t have to do anything with the thoughts and feelings that accompanied these scenarios? What if you let your own internal wisdom lead the way instead?

Feeling This is True

Instead of reading this and understanding it at an intellectual, “oh yeah I get that” level, what if you really felt it – really felt it is true?

How would that change your life, your relationships, your fears and your day-to-day life?

How would it all look if you didn’t have to do anything about your latest collection of thoughts, but just realised these too were like the ebb and flow of the sea?