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Thanks for checking out my site and for being interested enough to have a look at some of my testimonials! I’m including a selection here.

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“I had a coaching session via video meeting with Anton on Friday. We discussed a couple of issues that had been bothering me for some years around social situations and travelling with my anxiety.

I had been procrastinating for sometime over a holiday that I had coming up with my family and was experiencing a lot of fear and anxiety about travelling and leaving my responsibilities in someone else’s hands.

Anton has such a wonderful calm and comforting manner and approach. His simple uncomplicated suggestions were profound and I found myself feeling suddenly much lighter about my upcoming situation.

The next morning I had taken positive steps to put in place care for my household while away, which worked out to be another really helpful connection.

Just as Anton had described to me, the wonderful way life opens up opportunities for you, when you start looking in the right direction. Many thanks Anton”

Jess x



Anton has a clear and down to earth way of talking about the Principles and the new paradigm. When I speak with Anton I slow down and see things clearly.
He doesn’t interfere in the conversation and is staying out of giving advice so I can see it for myself.
Thanks for the coaching sessions and the broadened view in this conversation.
Cheers and regards, Francis