Thought & How Our Experience Is Created

Why do we feel the way we feel? If you are interested in exploring a new understanding of psychology and how we work, read on…

*The Power of Thought*

In just 5 words: Whatever we think, we feel.

When you don’t know what creates your feelings and experience of life from day to day, it’s like that “whack a mole” game where a certain feeling comes up that you don’t like and feel shouldn’t be there, and you slap it down only for it to pop up later somewhere else.

But when you have the realisation that your moment to moment feelings are being created ONLY ever by your moment to moment thinking, and you see that this is ever-changing and fluctuating, you are free(r) to let it all flow, knowing that a river never flows at the same rate 100% of the time.

External situations can’t cause us to feel a certain way. Seeing this changed everything for me. It is only ever our thinking in the moment that does that, which is why we can feel sad about a situation on a Monday, and hopeful or ok with it on a Thursday.

It’s also the speed of our thinking that determines how we feel. This is why meditation is so popular. This is also why panic occurs, when racing thoughts reach their peak level to the point where physical symptoms also reach their peak.

Just like panic is uncomfortable but harmless, so too are thoughts and feelings – when you see them as just thoughts and feelings and not about you. Just flowing through.

When you realise the above – that you don’t need to interfere with or control your thinking (babies and kids know this automatically), you live more in the default state of wellbeing that is already yours and just sometimes hidden by a sped-up mind.