You Are The Sky, Observing The Weather

If you’re feeling anxious, worried, fearful, stressed or unsure right now – think of a coin. On one side of the coin is a thought (T). On the other side is a feeling (F).


This means that whatever you’re feeling right now is the result of a thought that was passing through you.

I say ‘passing through’, not ‘your thought’, because strange as it might seem to hear, thoughts are not yours. They just ‘are’, they appear and are gone as soon as we notice them.

Where we get fearful though, is when we identify with a thought, or think it means something about us. We might think something like “I’m this or that, I’ll never be good enough, everything is X, etc, etc.

When we see that thoughts are just thoughts, they pass through a lot more easily. They are much like clouds, or the weather.

Thoughts and feelings seem personal and “about us”, but this can’t be true.

You wouldn’t look outside and blame yourself for the rain, so why blame yourself or feel bad about how you feel, when those thoughts and feeling aren’t yours to begin with?

ALL thoughts and feelings are safe and always like the weather – fleeting, temporary, just passing through.

You are the sky, just observing the weather.

Credit goes to Dr. Giles P. Croft for the coin metaphor – look up his YouTube video on this!